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There's A Production

There's A Production in Partnership with August Theatre Co

There's A Production is thrilled to announce that we are working in partnership with August Theatre Co to present the Canadian Premier of Book Club by Kristen Horner Da Silva.

What happens when 3 male friends infiltrate a women's book club? Total freaking disaster, that's what. 

This endearing comedy explores love, friendship, literature, men's styling putty, Dungeons & Dragons, and our capacity for forbearance. www.playwrightsguild.c/play/book-club

Production Team for Book Club

Theresa Noon -Producer

Kristen Horner Da Silva -Producer, Director, Playwright

Nelson Da Silva -Marketing and Promotions

Kristen Henderson-Stage Manager

Nastazja Palonka-Assistant Stage Manager

Cast of Book Club

Vincent Perri-Josh

Michael Anania-Brad

Ryk Simpson-Hossler/Eustace

Esther Chung-Annie

Theresa Noon-Julia

Wendy Wall-Eileen