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There's A Production

Theresa Noon Resume

Height: 5'1

Weight: 100lbs

Hair: Black

Eyes: Blue

Voice: Alto/Belt

Film and Television

Arrow- PSA - SOC - Spy Films/J.Bensimon

May - Mama Zombie - Prinicpal - Losing Light Films/A.Pinto

Can't Miss Thursdays! - Scientist- Principal - Teletoon/Gary Heather

You're Telling Me Now? - Manager - Principal - Juice Inc/Christy Renner

Fire Is Gone - Manager - Principal - Juice Inc/Christy Renner

Shut Up And Deal - Cate-Principal - Check Or Bet Prod.Inc/J.Henderson

Sons Of Butcher Episode: ‘Birthin’ The Messiah’ - Tittiana-Principal - TeleToon/K. Di Pelino

Sons Of Butcher Episode: ‘Birthin’ the Messiah’ - Alexis-Actor - TeleToon/K. Di Pelino

Sum 41 “Some Say” Music Video - Mother-Actor - Spy Films/Sean Michael Turrell

Drummer Boy - Alison –Principal - Drummer Boy Film Inc./D. Dawson

The De-Solution Theory - Morgan Avalon–Principal - Alibi Arts Production/P. Dore

Funkafied - Lil’ T–Principal - Alibi Arts Production/P. Dore

Sad Waters - Mary Ann-Principal - Rickshaw Films/R. Rousseau

Homesick - Megs-Principal - Stega Films/N. Bromehad

I Didn’t Realize I Had Wings Until They Fell Off - Girl-Principal - Stega Films/N.Bromehad

Medical Transcription Videos-The V.L.C - Instructor-Principal - D.King, Producer

Selected Theatre

SpeakEasy, Die Softly - Rita LaLune - There's A Production/T.Noon

Scared Money - Fiona - Playful Notions Ontario Tour/D.Conway-Giblin

The Lyfsux Theatre - There's A Production/T.Noon

82% - Terri - Playful Notions Nova Scotia Tour/D. Conway-Giblin

Star Trek Live! - North American Tour - Voula(Vulcan) - CBS/Mad Science Prod/R.Janiesse

CSI Live! - North American Tour - Sydney Mathis - CBS/Mad Science Prod/R.Janiesse

Naked In The Kitchen - Beth - Playwrights of Spring/M.Reinhart

Teatro Splendido - Marianna - Daycar Prod/D.Dayler

Nasty Habits - Sister Hortence - Daycar Prod/D.Dayler

Comedy of Errors - Adrianna - Vanier Studio Theatre/Fred Thury

Whistler Generation Toyota - Singer - Tele-Communications/B.Blair

Anne - Josie Pye - Waterloo Stage Theatre/B.MacKay

Pinnocchio - Fox/Mrs.Cacciatore - Waterloo Stage Theatre/R.Johnston

For Better For Worse - Sister Terry - Daycar Prod/D.Dayler

The Man of La Mancha - Aldonza - Waterloo Stage Theatre/L.Wade

The Man of La Mancha - Aldonza - Vanier Studio Theatre/F.Thury

Forever Yours Marie-Lou - Marie Louise - Vanier Studio Theatre/K.Horner

Into The Woods - Witch - Vanier Studio Theatre/F.Thury

Little Shop Of Horrors - Audrey - Creative Theatre/M.Viscosso

Grease - Rizzo - Temple Players/V.Shear

Out of Gas on Lovers Leap - Myst - RedMill Dinner Theatre/J.Peller

Fiddler on the Roof - Chava - Drury Lane Prod/M.Richard

Pirates of Penzance - Ruth - Vanier Studio Theatre/F.Thury

Oliver - Nancy - Dynamic Arts/B.Cook

Bentley Burnout - Mildred Honeysuckle - A Monk Walks By/A.McWood

George, George and George - Gertie - Move Over Moliere/L.Burger

Hair - Burger - Creative Theatre/N.Abel

Everyman - Everyman - Creative Theatre/D.Brown

The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe - Susan - Creative Theatre/C.Amachello

The Best Christmas Pagent Ever - Imogene - Creative Theatre/C.Amachello 


SpeakEasy, Die Softly - There's A Production (Kitchener, Ontario)

Legally Blonde: The Musical- V.C.P (Toronto, Canada)

My Very Own Normal Family - One Act Play Festival V.C.P (Toronto, Canada)

The Mystery of Edwin Drood - Fred Thury Studio Theatre (Toronto, Canada)

The Lyfsux Theatre - There's A Production (Kitchener, Canada)

CSI Live! - Lemon Entertainment (Lisbon, Portugal)

Star Trek Live! - CBS/Mad Science Productions (Cape Canaveral, Florida)

This Is A Play - Vanier Studio Theatre (Toronto, Canada)

CSI Live! - CBS/Mad Science Productions (Montreal, Canada)

The Farm Show - Vanier Studio Theatre (Toronto, Canada)

One Potato, Too - Vanier Studio Theatre (Toronto, Canada)

Arsenic and Old Lace - Vanier Studio Theatre (Toronto, Canada)

Rockola - Ground Zero (Toronto, Canada)

Voice, Radio and Other

Flannwood Mac A Tribute to Fleetwood Mac - Stevie Nicks

The Fooligans - Sketch Comedy and Improv Troupe

Sweet Tea - Vocalist

Toyota Route 55 Commercial Vocal Recording - Lead Vocals - Mike Stanutz - Mist Productions

Irish Eye's Are Smiling - Vocalist - Carmen's Entertainment/D.Dayler

White Christmas - Vocalist - Carmen's Entertainment/D.Dayler

Can You Feel The Love - Disney Tribute - Vocalist - Carmen's Entertainment/D.Dayler

Stage Door Canteen - Tribute to our War Vetrans - Carmen's Entertainment/D.Dayler

West Side Phantom - Christine Daae - J.Eason,Director

Phantom and the Amazing Technocolour Dreamcape - Christine Daae - J. Eason,Director

The Complete Works of Christopher Marlow Abridged - Queen Isabella - J.P. Yoanoff, Director

The Price - Johanna - K.Risk,Director

Showstoppers All Star Vocal Ensemble - Vocalist - B.Cook,Director

Out of Gas on Lovers Leap Sound Track Recording "At the end of every tunnel" Vocalist - A.Pulsone,Producer

What Are You Thinking? Sound Track Recording "The Block" and "Rocketship" Vocalist - M.Guevarra,Producer

"22 Hands" Soundtrack/Score Recording - Session Vocalist - D.Andrews,Producer



York University – Bachelor of Fine Arts, Spec. Hon. (Theatre)

Actor’s Studio Canada – Conservatory, J. Peller


Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Modern – Ellsie’s Dance Studio, Dorothy Boyd’s Dance Studio,

York University, T. Maguire, L. Santos


A. Ocampo, E. Smith, C. Robbin, R. Spencer, C. Blunsden, D. Rooke

Movement Elements of Mime and Physical Theatre, M. Windle