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There's A Production


What’s A There’s A Production Musical Murder Mystery?

There’s A Production is a professional theatre company that began producing musical murder mysteries in 2012 in and since has sold-out performances all over Southern Ontario! Their interactive musicals feature original scripts, popular music and are performed around and between 3 courses of a delicious lunch or dinner.

Did The Show Come Out Of A Box?

Nope! It came out of our heads! It is a professionally written original comedic script. You cannot see these shows anywhere else or in anyone’s home without There’s A Production.

Do I Have To Be Involved In The Show?

There’s A Production hires actors and singers that are skilled in both improvisation and in script work. The performers are also very skilled in determining who wants to be involved in the show and who just wants to sit back and be entertained. Not to worry if you love live theatre and murder mysteries but prefer the latter, there is a place for the wall flower! If you are the outgoing type who loves to be involved, there is also a place for the actor in you! There certainly are parts for the audience to play but it is definitely not required or expected.

Can I Bring My Children To A Show?

YES! As long as your child wants to be entertained and have the best time with their parents, they are welcome! 

Unless otherwise specified, our productions are always Family Friendly!

What Do I Wear?

Be comfortable! If that means you want to dress in the theme of the show, PLEASE DO! If you prefer to wear your comfy’s, wear them! Dress to the nines, we don’t mind! We just want you to feel relaxed and ready to have the best time!